Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Review: A TASTE OF GOLD AND IRON by Alexandra Rowland


Rating: 2/5 stars

DNF at 41%.

I really wanted to like this book. Stand-alone political fantasy romance between a prince and his bodyguard? Sounds like my kind of story. Unfortunately, I was really bored with this one. 

I first considered DNFing around the 25% mark but then I read some reviews that said the first 30% was pretty slow, so I decided to wait until at least 40% before making the decision to give it a fair chance. It never got better for me though.

I also read many reviews that said this book was more romance-focused than fantasy-focused, but I did not find that to be the case whatsoever. I was expecting a great romantic story here but no romantic interests were even thought about during the entire time I was reading. I know the partnership is between Evemer and Kadou, but they hadn’t even started liking each other or thinking about each other in any special way by the 40% mark. That doesn’t sound like more romance than fantasy to me. . . .

Another issue I had here was that the worldbuilding could have been great, but it was really lacking. I don’t feel like I know this world at all, which is really sad for an epic fantasy story. There was also a magic system that involved sensing metals or something along those lines but it was so sparsely talked about and so undeveloped that I forgot it existed for a good portion of the story and I’m still not totally sure what it is exactly.

A Taste of Gold and Iron was heavily political and slow-moving and did not deliver on the romantic or worldbuilding fronts. I love political fantasy, but this book was just so boring and poorly developed, in my opinion, that I sadly could not continue. 

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