Thursday, January 13, 2022

Review: BURNING KINGDOMS by Lauren DeStefano

Rating: 4/5 stars

In the second book of The Internment Chronicles, Morgan and Pen, along with their betrotheds and the princess, venture to the Ground, where they are met with plenty of culture shock from being in a world so different from their own. 

The first thing I noticed was that I found it interesting the people on the Ground and the people from Internment are so similar. They both speak the same language. Yes, they each have accents, and the people of the Ground have words for things that don’t exist on Internment, but for the most part, the people have no problem communicating with each other. Secondly, they are about equally technologically advanced, which surprised me as I thought one would have a clear advantage over the other. 

This book is weird in that it’s a fantasy but also doesn’t feel like a fantasy. On the Ground, there’s a war with airplanes and air raids, there are moving pictures at the cinema, and there are people sneaking away to speakeasies, so it feels like it’s taking place in the US in the forties. But then there’s also the big floating island in the sky, mermaids in the ocean, “mystical” beasts that are actually real that the characters get to ride on, and the land on the Ground is composed of various kingdoms ruled by kings. The war going on around them is being fought between two kings over some land and resources, so it’s totally a fantasy. But it’s weird how it parallels real-world history. I don’t think I’ve ever read a book like that before.

I enjoyed seeing the friendship progress between Morgan and Pen and Celeste. Initially, I didn’t like Celeste, but I’m pleasantly surprised by how much I cared about her by the end of the novel. I was really happy to see how much she and Morgan bonded throughout this book. 

I really enjoy Lauren DeStefano’s writing style and storytelling in this series, which has a unique concept and is super fun. It’s an older series but I think it holds up and I’d recommend it. I’m having a great time reading The Internment Chronicles and I can’t wait to move on to the final book soon. 

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