Sunday, January 2, 2022

2022 Reading Goals

Goal 1: Goodreads Reading Challenge

My first goal is always a numbers goal, and this year I am aiming for 100 books. This shouldn't be much of a challenge for me, especially since I've started reading lots of manga.
See my progress on Goodreads here

Goal 2: Read My TBR

I think reading my TBR has been a goal of mine for three years now, but it's coming back again this year because I own way too many unread books. As of January 1, 2022, there are 476 books on my physically owned TBR. I want to reduce that number as much as possible. I'm hoping to actually read more TBR books than I acquire this year, but we will see. My unofficial goal is to buy fewer than 100 books this year (less than half of what I acquired in 2021). I also hope to read new hardcover books within one month of purchase, which will hopefully make buying the hardcover worth it instead of waiting for the paperback and also encourage me to maybe buy fewer hardcovers with this goal hanging over my head. Whatever I do, I need to get my TBR down because it's low-key stressing me out how many unread books I own. 

Goal 3: Buzzword Readathon 

Created by Kayla from Books and Lala, the Buzzwordathon is a reading challenge based on buzzwords in the titles. Each month you have to read a book that fits the prompt. I have no idea yet what books I will be reading each month, but I will select the title that month according to my current mood. The only book I'm certain of is the title for January since it's my book club pick: She Who Rides the Storm by Caitlin Sangster. 
I've never done a readathon like this before so I'm excited to participate this year. 

Visit the 2022 Reading Challenges page on my blog to see my up-to-date info throughout the year on how I'm coming along with each of these goals. 

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