Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Review: SEANCE TEA PARTY by Reimena Yee

Rating: 3/5 stars

Séance Tea Party is a tender and uplifting magical coming-of-age story with a heavy focus on friendship. 

I saw this book at the bookstore one day and knew immediately I had to read it; the title and cover completely sold me. This story is about Lora when she summons a ghost named Alexa during a séance tea party that she holds. Lora struggles to make friends with the mortals at her school because they just don't get her quirky personality, but Alexa is the perfect friend.

This graphic novel covers about one year in Lora's life in middle school, and it's all about her friendship with Alexa and some other unexpected friendships she makes along the way. There are also some great discussions about growing up and growing old. It's an adorable story and a perfect read for the fall season. 

"Growing up is . . . not knowing and being confused. No adult has any idea what they're doing all the time . . . and that's not a bad thing. You get to make your own choices and see those choices through. You'll lose yourself sometimes and then discover something new. You'll be remaking and developing who you are as you live and love. Do you see it, Lora? This is magic by another name--freedom."

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