Monday, November 23, 2020



Rating: 5/5 stars

I LOVED this book! The Girl and the Galdurian was right up my alley.

One day, Bea meets Cad, the last-known Galdurian. They strike up an unlikely friendship and venture out together on a quest across the land to find Bea’s grandfather. But Bea has a magical item that evil beings are after, and they will stop at nothing to acquire it.

The artwork in this graphic novel is GORGEOUS. I loved every single panel. I loved the world of Irpa that Probert has created, and the detail in every scene was amazing. I also loved how the cat is so cute and funny and always doing his own thing in the background.

Bea is a wonderful protagonist. She’s realistic, which can sometimes border on pessimistic, but she has anxiety that can sometimes be debilitating, and I loved seeing how she worked through that at different times in the story. You can even see anxiety around her, drawn with black swirls around her body when she’s feeling that way. I also loved Cad because he was the opposite of Bea: always chipper and excited and looking on the bright side. They both were so great. 

I absolutely recommend this graphic novel. I need the next installment immediately; I can’t wait to read it and continue this beautiful story!

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