Monday, June 22, 2020

Review: AFTER I DO by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Rating: 4/5 stars

Ryan and Lauren have been together for eleven years, and their relationship isn’t how it used to be. They barely talk anymore and frankly, they don’t like each other anymore either. So they decide to separate for one year to sort things out; the only rule: no contacting each other for that whole year.

This book was wonderful. Not my favorite book from Taylor Jenkins Reid but still a solid one that I really enjoyed. She does such a good job at crafting realistic and emotionally deep characters who you can’t help but care about after only a few pages with them.

This book starts out in the present day when Ryan and Lauren can’t stand each other but then jumps back to the day they met and then shows us significant moments in their relationship across those eleven years leading up to the present day. I love how we got to see a backstory for them so we were able to fully connect with them and see how they got to where they are and understand their situation more fully. 

One thing that I absolutely loved about this book and about all of TJR’s books is that the story was so relatable. I don’t know if Reid writes from experience or is just an excellent writer from the imagination, but her stories always resonate so much with me, even if I’m not experiencing what the characters are. Everything that happens feels real and not just crafted for the drama, but it’s still so interesting.

After I Do is a story about finding yourself and learning to live for yourself first. It’s about love and romance and how those aren’t always the same thing. It’s a story about family and what it actually means to be part of a family. It’s about relationships and friendships and finding happiness even when it doesn’t seem possible. I really enjoyed this book and do recommend it, though there are other books by Taylor Jenkins Reid that I would recommend first. 

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