Monday, April 30, 2018

Review: ACROSS THE WAY: MEADOWS by Eber & Wein Publishing

 Rating: 3.5/5 stars

This is a poetry collection that probably won’t be read by anyone except the people whose poems are in the book. I read it only because I own a copy, and I own a copy only because one of my poems is printed in this book.

I love poetry on its own, but I hardly ever read whole books of poetry. It’s exhausting to read 300 pages of poems in place of a novel.

This is an amateur poetry collection. As such, there were poems that I didn’t care for, poems that sounded superficial, and there were poems that I quite enjoyed, poems that were full of deep emotion. There were also plenty of poems in dire need of editing, but it is clear the publisher printed the poems “as-is” without correcting even basic spelling and punctuation mistakes.

Even though this book’s title is Meadows, the subjects in this book are unrestrained, covering any number of topics possible. Lots of poems were very personal, some talked about family and relationships, and many had religious elements, while others seemed so abstract that I couldn’t make sense of them.

This collection goes to show that any person can create art through their experiences. It proves that many many people (probably every person out there, honestly) struggle with very personal issues that leave deep imprints on their lives. No one is alone in their sadness or trials, and that’s the most important thing I learned while reading this book.

My favorite part of this collection was the stories from select authors about their poems. I liked reading about the inspiration behind the poems. Here are the poems I liked best from Meadows:
“Everything,” 25
“Life in a Hyphen,” 61
“Evil Spirit,” 73
“Wonder,” 112
“Sad Eyes of the Beautiful Hot Dog Stand Girl,” 130
“Wording,” 243

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