Saturday, April 22, 2023



Rating: 1/5 stars

DNF at 48%. 

The concept of this book sounded really interesting to me: left-handed booksellers and right-handed booksellers, the fighters and the creatives. An underground secret society in London.

Unfortunately, everything about this was a letdown for me. This book is marketed as a young adult fantasy, but it reads like a middle-grade contemporary, except has swearing similar to a young adult or adult novel, so it all just feels really jarring to read. 

The entire story so far was about Susan becoming close with the booksellers as they help her try to discover who her father was. I’m sorry but that is not an exciting plotline in what was supposed to be a fantastical and mysterious novel. It was rather slow-moving as well.

Ultimately I realized that I didn’t care about a single character or what happened to them or who Susan’s father was or any implications related to that. The entire story was boring, in my opinion, and I didn’t care to spend any more time reading it when I could spend time reading a book that actually excites me.

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