Sunday, February 5, 2023

Review: A HOUSE WITH GOOD BONES by T. Kingfisher


Rating: 4/5 stars

This is only my second T. Kingfisher book, but I'm already obsessed with her writing style and I've made it my mission to read everything she's ever written. 

Last week I read What Moves the Dead because it's a rather short book and I wanted to pick up something non-fantasy that I knew I'd be able to finish in one sitting as a quick palate cleanser. It was incredible, and as soon as I finished it and went to put it back on my bookshelf, I picked up my ARC copy of this book that was sitting right next to it. I thought: I'll just look at it real quick and then move it up on my reading list. Well, an hour later I was still sitting on the floor in front of my bookshelf, fifty pages into A House with Good Bones

So I guess you could say Kingfisher's books are quite captivating and grab you right from the beginning, since that's happened to me twice now. 

I don't think I've ever read a horror book before these two books because I don't like to be scared and I generally just prefer fantasy worlds instead, but maybe I'm becoming converted to the genre. I know Kingfisher writes a lot of fantasy in addition to horror, but both of her books I've read so far have been horror, yet neither one of them was scary. They were more creepy and unsettling, giving me an urgent desire to know what mysterious thing is going on. I don't know how to classify this specific horror subgenre, but I like it. 

Overall, A House with Good Bones is a quick read that I thoroughly enjoyed. Pick up this book if you're interested in a modern southern gothic tale, a creeping unsettling feeling that you can't explain, a fat 32-year-old protagonist who's very smart, insects and archeology, lots of ladybugs and roses, generational family trauma, the possibility of severed hands, and vultures. Lots and lots of vultures. 

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