Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Review: HALF A SOUL by Olivia Atwater


Rating: 3.5/5 stars

Half a Soul is a historical fantasy hate-to-love romance between Elias Wilder, the grumpy and stuck-up Lord Sorcier, and Dora Ettings, a girl cursed by a faerie to have only half a soul. 

I loved that both our hero and our heroine are awkward and unlikable in their society, but still likable to the readers. Elias is snarky and generally avoided by others because of his lack of decorum. Dora does not feel embarrassment or fear ever since she was cursed, so she’s always saying the wrong thing in public. I thought their relationship was cute, and even though the reader knows they will get together from the beginning when they don’t like each other, it is still a fun journey through the book watching them interact and be awkward. 

This book is being published by Orbit, so it’s an adult fantasy, but it’s very clean and wholesome and reads kind of like a YA, so it’s definitely suitable for a young adult audience. I’m actually surprised that Orbit of all publishers is who picked it up because this doesn’t feel like an Orbit title at all, but I am glad that they are diversifying their fantasy genres a bit. 

Half a Soul is part of a series, but it also could be read as a standalone novel. I felt satisfied with the ending so I don’t know yet if I will be finishing the series or not. I liked the book for what it was, a romance with light fantasy elements, but I also don’t feel super inclined to read any more books in the series. If you are looking for a cozy and fun book, then check this out. 

Half a Soul is for fans of books that feature:
• A Regency time period
• Hate-to-love romance
• Grumpy/sunshine romance
• Clean yet swoon-worthy romance 
• Awkward yet wholesome characters
• Soft fantasy with light magic
• Magical mirrors and scissors
• Divination
• Cunning faeries 
• Faerie tales
• A standalone plot that’s also part of a larger series 

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