Friday, April 8, 2022



Rating: 2/5 stars

I picked up this graphic novel solely because it's by V. E. Schwab, whose works I generally enjoy, and because I am dedicated to reading everything she publishes. 

A few years ago, I read the entirety of her Shades of Magic trilogy in twelve days, which is quite fast for my normal reading speed. I really enjoyed it, but I have since forgotten almost everything about that series. 

When this graphic novel series about the Steel Prince was first released, I didn't really have an interest in it, especially because I didn't really care much about learning about the backstory of Maresh Maxim, who is our protagonist here. I figured I'd read it eventually though because it's V. E. Schwab. Recently, I received all three volumes in this series, so I figured it was finally time to give it a go. 

I . . . was slightly disappointed how it turned out, but I really shouldn't be given how blase I've felt about the story since the beginning. I felt no attachment to any of the characters within, nor did I feel any investment in the direction the plot was going. This graphic novel is very action-heavy, and I just don't care for action scenes in books, visual or otherwise. 

I also am not really a fan of the art style. It's not bad, it's just not my taste at all. Dark and gritty. It fits the story, and the artists did a good job at capturing various moments throughout the narrative, but I just didn't care for it. That's a personal preference. 

Overall, this wasn't really my cup of tea, and definitely my least favorite of all of Victoria's works I've read so far. However, I do plan on finishing the series, and I also want to read this whole graphic novel series again in the future after I've reread the Shades of Magic trilogy to see if my opinions might change then when I have more investment in the characters. 

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