Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Review: A DEAL WITH THE ELF KING by Elise Kova


Rating: 3.5/5 stars

After reading and loving Elise Kova’s Loom Saga, I knew I wanted to read everything she’s written. I decided to make A Deal with the Elf King my next pick.

This is a standalone romantic fantasy set in a world Elise has created called Midscape, where she plans to write many standalone novels following different heroines with different kinds of magical romances. This one follows Luella as she is chosen as the next Human Queen to be wed to the Elf King. She must leave her home and her beloved calling as a healer to venture into Midscape and learn the ways of the Elves alongside her brooding new husband.

This book is fun and engaging all the way through. It’s a bit predictable at times but I think that’s part of the comfort that comes with reading it—that you can trust a happy ending is just around the corner. I had a really good time reading it.

I do wish this book had a map. I was a little unsure of the lay of the land based on how it was described, so being able to see it all laid out would have been nice. The characters talked about where the fae, merpeople, werewolves, and vampires lived in relation to the elf lands, and I think a map would have been beneficial for that scene. However, it was cool to get a preview of the different kinds of creatures that the future books will be based on. 

The world-building was a bit flimsy, unfortunately, and the magic very simple. But this book isn’t meant to be an epic fantasy, it’s meant to be a romance, so I don’t think this was too much of an issue. It was still very fun to read. 

I really enjoyed both Luella and Eldas as protagonists. They had a slow-burn romance, which felt right for them as they were thrown together at had to spend time getting to know each other. 

I love how the focus of the story is on Luella making choices for herself and not being tied down to traditions or expectations. I think that is a super important message to send, in any context: you always have a choice, your consent matters, and you should choose to follow your dreams. 

Overall, A Deal with the Elf King was a fun story and I’m looking forward to reading more books set in this world. 

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