Thursday, April 8, 2021

Review: THE WITCH'S HEART by Genevieve Gornichec


Rating: 1/5 stars

I initially wanted to read this book after it started getting a lot of hype at the bookstore where I work, and then I found out the author is a local author and came by to sign copies. I didn’t get to meet her but I thought that was pretty cool, so I hesitantly decided to give her book a chance. I say “hesitantly” because I have a history of not liking mythology-based stories. There has yet to be a book about mythology that I’ve really enjoyed, so I thought either this book would be the one, or I would dislike it with all the others. 

Well, I’m sad to report that after only an hour and a half of listening to the audiobook, I had to put it down. I was so unbelievably bored with the story that I just couldn’t keep reading.

The bit that I did read is about Loki and his wife, Angrboda. Basically, they are just sitting around and eating and hanging out, and it felt very weird to me, like the characterization of Loki was not what I expected or wanted it to be. I also found the dialogue to be very stilted and unnatural, which hindered my experience as well. 

Another thing to add is the audiobook narrator is awful, so I would not recommend listening to the story if you do choose to read it. 

I’m sad The Witch’s Heart wasn’t for me. I really do hope to find a book based on mythology that I end up loving, but this book wasn’t it. It has been getting a lot of praise though, so if it sounds like something you’d enjoy then I encourage you to still check it out. 

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