Thursday, February 11, 2021

Review: AMONG THE HIDDEN by Margaret Peterson Haddix


Rating: 4.25/5 stars

Margaret Peterson Haddix was one of my favorite authors when I was little, and I read almost all of her books. I remember thinking this one was about average, liking it more than some but also less than some other of her books. For some reason though, I never continued the series beyond Among the Hidden.

Now, thirteen-ish years later, maybe longer, I don’t really know, I finally decided to reread this book. And it was so much fun! I ended up liking it better now than I originally did.

Luke is the third child in a society where having more than two children is illegal and forbidden. He must stay hidden, for no one outside his parents and two older brothers can know that he exists. But then he meets another third child next door. . . . 

Luke was an enjoyable character and the plot was engaging throughout the novel. I actually forgot most of the details of the book, including the ending, so it felt like I was reading a brand new book.

I’m so glad I reread Among the Hidden, and now I’m ready to finally continue on and finish the Shadow Children Sequence. And maybe I’ll reread some more of Margaret Peterson Haddix’s books while I’m at it because her books never fail to entertain me. 

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