Monday, March 23, 2020

Review: CITY OF GHOSTS by Victoria Schwab

Review: 3.5/5 stars

This book is a fun ghost-filled middle-grade story that takes place in Edinburgh, Scotland.

I picked this book up because I want to read all of Victoria Schwab's books, but also it sounded really cool. Cassidy Blake's parents are getting a TV show about them traveling to the most haunted places around the world and the first stop is Edinburgh. Cassidy tags along with them--and so does her ghost best friend, Jacob. Ever since an accident that happened when she was little, Cassidy has been able to see and talk to Jacob and pass through the Veil into the ghost realm.

City of Ghosts definitely felt like a Schwab book. It had her special brand of paranormal, which I loved. I really enjoyed the setting of Edinburgh too because I've been there and it felt very genuine to me. As Cassidy explored the city, it felt like I was reliving my study abroad there because I went to a lot of the same places she went to, and that was so much fun.

I loved this story's focus on the friendship between Cassidy and Jacob. They are always helping each other and supporting each other, and it was so nice to see a wholesome friendship depicted so well.

I did find the plot to be a bit basic, but as this book is middle-grade, that's understandable and forgivable. I also wish Grim, the cat on the cover, had been in more of the book and maybe gone on adventures through the Veil with Cassidy, because we all know that cats can see ghosts, but he was just a tertiary character that didn't really have any impact on the story. That felt like lost potential to me, but maybe he will become more prominent in future books. I can hope!

Overall, City of Ghosts was a fun and slightly creepy ghost story that I really enjoyed and would recommend to Schwab fans or those interested in chill adventure stories involving ghosts.

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