Friday, May 24, 2019

Review: ONE TRUE LOVES by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Rating: 5/5 stars

The day before Emma and Jesse’s one-year wedding anniversary, Jesse goes missing and is presumed dead. Four years later, after mourning and moving on and getting engaged to someone else, Emma gets a call from Jesse, and he has been alive this whole time and he is coming home.

This book is both beautiful and sad. It’s about what it’s like to love and let go, how it’s possible to love both someone from your past and someone from your present and that loving one person doesn’t mean you love the other any less. It’s about making hard decisions and growing up and deciding what kind of person you want to be. I can’t imagine being in Emma’s position because that’s obviously an impossible place to be in.

I love that we were able to get the backstory of how Emma met and dated and got engaged to both Jesse and Sam. There was definitely a while when I was conflicted about who I wanted her to be with, who I thought was a better match for her.

I love Taylor Jenkins Reid’s writing style and how she is always able to communicate so much emotion and create such a connection between the characters and the reader. Her books always resonate so much with me and touch my heart in a special way.

[I love how this book explores how time changes us and how just because two people were right together at one time doesn’t mean they are right together now, and how that’s okay.

I wanted Emma to be with Sam so I’m really happy it ended that way. I love that she was able to stay true to who she is now and that Jesse was also able to be himself and find happiness. They had obviously grown apart while he was gone, which makes jumping back into that relationship really tough, but they both realized they loved who each other used to be, not who each other is now. That’s so important to understand because forcing a relationship that isn’t meant to be never turns out well. I’m glad they both ended up happy.

At the end when it said “eight months later” I thought that Emma was going to say she was pregnant and it was going to end up being Jesse’s, and what an ending that would have been! But I was completely wrong, and I did love the way the story actually ended.]

This is truly a beautiful story and I’m so glad I had the chance to read it.

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