Friday, April 26, 2019

Review: EVIDENCE OF THE AFFAIR by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Rating: 4.5/5 stars

I read this short story in my endeavor to read all of Taylor Jenkins Reid’s books. I don’t normally read or care for short stories, but since I like Reid’s writing style and the premise of this one sounded interesting, I thought I would give it a try.

I did end up enjoying the story and more than I expected to, given the length. I thought the plot and characters would be less developed, but Reid knows how to make even a short story captivating. I liked the epistolary method of telling the story as well. By telling the story in letters, the reader hears only what the writers say, not always what they’re thinking, so a lot of information about the situation is intentionally left out and must be inferred. Likewise, we sometimes only see one side of the story, and it added to the tension.

I got so wrapped up in the lives of Carrie and David that I could not stop reading; I read the whole story in one sitting (not that that’s hard to do). It’s a beautiful but tragic story, and sadly relatable. It seems to be propelled by this force of what is to come, pushing them toward a moment of finality.  I found it interesting the stark juxtaposition between the two couples; they had completely opposite lives yet wanted what the other had.

Also, I LOVED seeing the Daisy Jones reference in here. It took me by such surprise.

I didn’t originally plan on writing a review for this little story but I became so captivated by it that I needed to share my feelings after all. I would recommend. Reid’s writing is as beautiful as ever. I think anyone who has been conflicted about choosing between two options, not even necessarily two people, could relate to the story. One is right and good but the other is what I actually want. Which do I choose? How do I choose? We’ve all been there.

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