Monday, December 24, 2018

Review: I'D RATHER BE READING by Anne Bogel

Rating: 4.5/5 stars

This book is so adorable and relatable. I’d Rather Be Reading is one of those books that’s so charming that I went and bought my own copy immediately after I returned my library’s copy because I wanted to make it a part of my permanent collection. Anne’s essays about books and the reading life are just so heartwarming and perfect. I love reading books about books, and this one quickly jumped to the top of that list for me because of how wonderful it was.

This book contains over twenty short essays about books, the joys of reading, the love of the library, the process of recommending books to others, the difficulty of moving books, what it is like to fulfill a childhood dream by working in a bookstore, and many other bookish topics.

My favorite essay was actually the first one, “Confess Your Literary Sins.” I loved reading what some people consider “sins” among other book lovers, whether it’s okay to like a certain book or admit that you’ve read or haven’t read another book. It was very interesting, especially because I believe all the ones listed were true confessions that Anne has come across during her lifetime. I also loved “Bookworm Problems” because it’s just so dang relatable.

Bogel mentions dozens upon dozens of books within her book, and even though I’d only heard of a few titles and read even fewer of them, I’m grateful for all the book references. If she had this kind of experience with this specific book, I want to read it too; I want to have a similar experience and love the book just as much. I also just love seeing what kinds of books other people read. And the few titles I did recognize, I was so excited to see mentioned because I was just nodding my head right along with her.

I would definitely recommend this fun, short book to any book lover out there who wants to share in the joys of loving books because as she mentioned, half the joy of reading is planning your reading and talking about the books afterward. (And can I just say she has the perfect job? Any job that involves reading books, talking about books, recommending books, and anything else to do with books sounds like heaven to me.)

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