Sunday, November 18, 2018


Rating: 5/5 stars

I had so much fun rereading this book via the audio version. Jim Dale is a fantastic narrator and his voice acting really enhanced the story.

I can tell this is an early book because I noticed a bit of telling instead of showing, specifically during the scenes where time passes. I didn't remember the first few books being like this, probably because the story is so amazing that any negatives are immediately forgotten, but I was actually surprised to see this amateur technique being used in Harry Potter. Rowling's writing does improve over the course of the series, and I can really see that.

I've always liked Chamber of Secrets, but I know it's a lot of people's least favourite Harry Potter book. I'm not sure why this is the case though, as it is darker and the stakes are higher than the first book (although, this is the case with every subsequent book). I love how there are so many details that are weaved throughout the story that come to light at the end. That's something I love about all the Harry Potter books and what makes an excellent story in my opinion: details that are seemingly important in the beginning turn out to be of drastic consequence in the end.

Like with Sorcerer's Stone, I'm surprised by how much Rowling fit into this short book while maintaining the integrity of the story and characters. There is such an involved plot with many details and descriptions that the story feels longer than it is (but not in a bad way). I guess it's just Rowling's gift to write in this way.

I wish I could write a more coherent and descriptive review of this book, but what is there really to say? Harry Potter is an amazing series of books, and that's that.

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