Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Review: LOVE THAT LASTS by Gary and Joy Lundberg

Rating: 5/5 stars

This book is excellent. This is the kind of book I will revisit year after year because of the effect it has (and will have) in my life.

Written by a long-time married couple, Love That Lasts is about how to strengthen your marriage in all ways. The Lundbergs discuss secrets to a happier marriage, including communication, finances, parenting, humor, intimacy, kindness, and enduring to the end as a couple. The format of the book is very easy to read with each chapter covering one of the fourteen "secrets," and the book is full of personal experiences of many couples across the country. These anecdotes were my favourite parts because I can see how other couples face their problems and how overcoming them strengthened their marriage. It was also very humbling to read about the trials that others faced because it puts into perspective how blessed I am in my own life, but also how much I need to improve upon.

Although this book is written by an LDS couple and is written primarily for LDS couples, I believe anyone will benefit from the guidance and counsel found within its pages. There is only a very little bit that has references specific to LDS culture. I would honestly recommend this book to anyone looking to create a deeper and more meaningful and loving relationship with their husband or wife.

The most important lesson I learned from Love That Lasts is to always keep your spouse at the top of your list. He or she should be your number one priority and should be the most important person to you. If you make all other decisions based on that thought, your marriage will flourish and your love for them will deepen. Over the past four months that I've been taking my time reading this book, I've been implementing some of the suggestions and I've seen a difference in my own marriage. I've become more patient and I'm learning to love my husband's idiosyncrasies. Next year we even plan to read the book together to strengthen our marriage even more.

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