Thursday, November 3, 2016


Rating: 5/5 stars

You should read this book. Yes, you. 

If you've ever used the Internet or played a video game or watched a web show, you should read this book. If you've ever been homeschooled or been a 4.0 hardworking student or tried acting, you should read this book. If you suffer from anxiety or depression or grew up in a weird family, you should read this book. Even if you don't know who Felicia Day is (like me when I started this book), you should still read this book.

I think a lot of content that Felicia includes in her memoir is really relatable, even without my going through the same experiences that she has. A lot of people think that memoirs are stuffy and boring, but her life, and the way she writes about it with so much humor and honesty, is highly engaging to read about. 

Felicia tells her story as a girl who grew up in a different kind of situation than most people, being homeschooled and being addicted to technology and the Internet. She shares how she got started in acting and the laborious process it took for her to become who and where she is today. She shares about her addiction to World of Warcraft and how that affected her life for a time. She talks about her awkward dating stories and the depression and anxiety that consumed her for a while and how she overcame that. Her memoir is both funny and honest, and it's definitely worth a read. 

Also, I would recommend listening to this book on audio because Felicia herself reads the book. She adds so much more emotion and emphasis to the story by reading it herself. It doesn't even feel like she's reading a book but just having a conversation with me instead (one in which I can't actually respond). And she includes sound effects, which is just awesome. 

Overall, this book is great and you should read it.

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