Thursday, July 28, 2016

Review: SERIOUSLY . . . I'M KIDDING by Ellen DeGeneres

Rating: 2.5/5 stars

I've never been an overly big fan of Ellen, but I've always found her somewhat funny, so I decided to pick up this book. Or I suppose the more accurate action is to listen to this book.

True to the book's title, I often had a hard time knowing if she was serious or if she was kidding. There were many moments when it was obvious she wasn't being serious, but the moments I was unsure were when she was giving advice. There was a lot of advice given in this book, and I'm guessing most of it wasn't real. On that note, I'm not sure what was real and serious about this book, just like I'm not sure what its point was. This book wasn't a memoir or biography; it was more like a collection of ideas that had run through Ellen's head at some point in time. There are one-word chapters, and there are pages-long chapters. But none of it really felt like it had any meaning. It was all very random.

Ellen is usually pretty funny, but there were a lot of instances in this book where I knew she was trying to be funny but it wasn't coming across that way. She'd make jokes and I'd just kind of go "Really? Okay. . ."

My favorite part about listening to the audiobook was that Ellen read it, and she read the special audiobook version of her book. She'd address the "listeners" instead of the "readers." She included a special segment that was specifically for audiobook listeners. (Likewise, there was a special segment specifically for visual readers and just told us that we had to see it printed on the page to understand it so she was just going to skip it.) The book really felt like a unique listening experience as an audiobook compared to actually reading the book.

Overall, I didn't get much from this book except for an entertaining three-hour listening experience.

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