Saturday, June 25, 2016


Rating: 1/5 stars

I read this book because the name of my favorite band, The Rocket Summer, comes from this book. 

I really only enjoy sci-fi if it's believable. But this story wasn't believable. In this book, Mars is just like Earth: it has water and rain and trees and enough oxygen for people to survive. People live there and drive vehicles. If this book had been set on a fictitious planet, that would have made much more sense. 

There was a large lack of world building and character building. The graphic novel feels very choppy like the characters switch from one conversation to another without finishing the first one, and I couldn't follow along very well. 

The art is not very pleasing. It's very bland and not very colorful. Some pictures are repeated in adjacent frames.

I just wasn't very interested in this collection of stories. I'm sure if I read the original book, I'd enjoy it more than the graphic novel, but maybe not much more.

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